All Original & Copyrighted Songs by Jeannie - Unsigned Christian Singer + Songwriter 


My Purpose and Vision

Hello and thank you for taking time to hear my music! I have been playing piano by ear as long as I can remember. I always had a natural gift to play, sing, and to express my thoughts and emotions through songs. It is truly a gift from God that I want with all my heart to use for His glory.

I remember around 2015 when I fasted and prayed to find out what Gods purpose for my life was, and in seeking Him I heard Him tell me, “Music”. I was so passionate to answer this call, so I wrote songs, and tried to record on my own, and was very excited to embark on this journey towards Gods purpose for me. Unfortunately, many spiritual attacks followed, and what I thought would be a simple pathway to destiny ended up being a long, bumpy road, with many detours. 

I have experienced a lot of pain in my 14 and counting years of walking with the Lord, which I consider nothing compared to the sacrifices He made for us all, yet I know that there is purpose in the pain, and that my hard experiences add substance to my songs, and ultimately have helped shape my character, so I can be more like Christ. 

My vision for my music ministry is to bring heaven down when I sing, and for everyone who listens to be touched by God, personally.

I want to bring songs of healing, songs that speak life, songs that pour God's love into people's hearts. I want to introduce the listeners of my music to The Savior.